Sunday, February 19, 2012

Member Spotlights-getting to know each other!

As a relatively new SJGS member,as well as a board member, I see an interest and desire among  members for more interaction and  to become better acquainted with each other. I feel that most members would love to share what they have found in their genealogical research, to be helped or offer help in genealogical research , and to more easily discuss and suggest what activities they would like to see this organization provide.

First of all, I commend Sheri Fenley for proposing and setting up this blog, which creates the ability to have great member inter-communication. Let's all support this blog, contribute, read, and thus make a more dynamic, interactive SJGS.

To further this goal, I am inviting all members of our San Joaquin Genealogical Society to be interviewed for a "Member Spotlight" posted on this blog. (Possible topics: tell a little about yourselves, about your  genealogical research and goals, any interesting family history stories, ideas and discoveries, you might want to share, what you need help on, etc). Our membership ranges from beginners who are just starting to research,  to experts, who have extensive genealogical information on their ancestors. (I, personally, would  especially would love to start with interviews of newer members/ beginners, to find out how our society members can help them.with their goals! )

 Volunteers for interviews are welcome,, or if you would like to recommend another member to be interviewed, please let me know. I am sure all of you have some interesting ideas, information,and stories to share.
If you would like to e-mail me some information for a Member Spotlight, that would be great!  I will send you a draft of the write-up before posting it, for your approval.
My e-mail address is
I would appreciate any comments, suggestions on this. Thanks!

Lori Calhoon

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